Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why use Cyber Essentials Certification?

A: There are numerous standards associated with the governance and risk management of cyber security. However, the Government found that many common cyber attacks were succeeding due to simple technical controls not being managed. This has even occurred in companies with governance standards in place. For this reason, the Government is keen that all companies, including those who already have standards such as ISO27001, gain certification to the Cyber Essentials.  Also since 2014 it has been a mandatory requirement for businesses providing services via Government contracts.

Q: What if we don’t have any spare staff or anyone who is confident enough to do this?

A: Hyperlogic will support you through the process, and in most cases only a modest amount of resource will be required to be committed by the practice. If this is not available, Hyperlogic can provide additional consultancy to address any resource gaps. The level to which you purchase their services is completely within your control.

Q: What if we don’t have any of the policies we need in place?

A: XL Farmcare have worked with Hyperlogic to create an editable package of policy and governance documents, sufficient to comply with all Certification and Statutory requirements.

Q: This is EU legislation, what if we leave Europe?

A: These regulations will still affect UK organisations despite Brexit. The UK Government and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have indicated that, even if they don’t continue with GDPR after Brexit, they will be looking for something equally robust. Similarly, if you are processing the information of EU nationals or trading across the EU, then businesses need to abide by its regulations.

Q: What if we don’t do anything?

A: You would be putting your business at risk, face the possibility of fines for data breaches, and risk being removed from XL Farmcare’s supplier list for TB Testing and other Government Veterinary Services.